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Course Details

Find Your Happy Course:  $297 $197

  • 20 modules, each detailing a new Faith-plus-Therapy topic and tool for overcoming depression via written  and video content
  • Over 60 pages of Faith-plus-Therapy healing handouts
  • Content provided via downloaded fillable PDF
  • Mobile friendly content also provided via website with fillable PDFs
  • Equivalent to over 6 months of weekly therapy in skill and content
Money Back Guarantee
We strive to do the right thing for everyone.  If this course in some way does not meet your expectations, please email us at We have a full 30-day money-back guarantee.
What you'll get

20 modules, each detailing a new Faith-plus-Therapy topic and tool for overcoming depression via written content:

  • Module 1: Recover by Listening to Your Emotions
  • Module 2: Develop Safe Relationships
  • Module 3: Incorporate More Fun into Your Life
  • Module 4: Eliminate Joy-Sucking Behaviors and Increase Life-Giving Activities
  • Module 5: Think about your Thinking!
  • Module 6: Balance Your Life
  • Module 7: Increase Your Hope
  • Module 8: Be The Parent You Always Wanted…To Yourself
  • Module 9: Reduce Your Stress
  • Module 10: Radically Accept and Find Peace
  • Module 11: Forgive More
  • Module 12: Use Social Media Wisely
  • Module 13: Pursue Your Passion and Use Your Gifts
  • Module 14: Develop Your Spiritual Life Anew
  • Module 15: Practice Obedience
  • Module 16: Experience More Nature
  • Module 17: Develop Healthy Boundaries in Relationships
  • Module 18: Make A Bucket List of Joyful Activities for the Season
  • Module 19 Practice Gratitude
  • Module 20: When to Pursue Professional Help

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